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2001 Founded as the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Japan
2003 Reorganized as the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
2004 Published Official Text Book for studying Anti-Aging Medicine
2005 Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine Certifying System
  Published Official Journal in Japanese
  Carried out an authorization examination
2006 Incorporation
2007 Republised Web Journal  in English
  Specialty Branch Societies start
2008 Republised Official Text Book
  International Symposium holding  at  Buenos Aires
2009 Research Award  Start
2010 10th@Anniversary
2011 The 1st International Conference on Anti-Aging Medicine organized by
2012 Keystone Symposia uAging and Disease of Agingvwas held in Japan in October
We have co-sponsored as participants grant.
2013 The co-sponsor APCCN2013 in June
2017 JAAMfs co-sponsored SymposiumF
Keynote Symposia Aging and Mechanisms of Aging-Related Disease (E2)
Scientific Organizers: Kazuo Tsubota, Shin-ichiro Imai, Matt Kaeberlein and Joan Mannick
Date : May 15-19, 2017
Venue : PACIFICO Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan